where it began



Hello, my name is Aey. I travel all over the country as a consultant. I will try to pamper myself by getting a manicure and pedicure and of course to talk to someone. But oftentimes I don’t feel relaxed and pampered and being ignore.  Many so-called luxury spas charge more than $100, yet they rush their customers and make the experience uncomfortable and unsatisfying. This is why I decided to open my own nail spa. One with a friendly staff, a relaxed environment, and reasonable prices.

Why AEY Nail Bar?

It wasn’t my intention to name the business after myself. I was brainstorming with my boyfriend at the kitchen table when he asked the perfect question, “How should your client feel when they come to your nail spa?”

I immediately responded, “They should feel relaxed. Like they’ve escaped from their daily life and entered into an exclusive club.” And that’s when it hit me, “An Exclusively Yours Nail Bar”.

The Recliner Chair Concept

Of all the different pedicure chairs available, why choose a recliner? I’ve experienced and researched all kinds of pedicure chairs, including the traditional pedicure jet massage chair, comfy armchairs, zero gravity chairs, and more. Nothing really gave me the feeling of luxury and comfort until my boyfriend, Gary, said, “Sit in my recliner.”

“Do you feel relaxed?” he asked, “Are you comfortable enough to fall asleep in it?” It was then obvious to me that there was no other choice than to use, synthetic-leather (vegan) recliners.

My next challenge was how to create a safe and sanitary pedicure environment for my clients. I needed a solution that would immediately assure my clients that their pedicure would be germ free, as to let them continue enjoying a relaxing, pampered experience. The answer was the portable footbath with a disposable liner.

We are hiring!

Please send your resume to aey@aeynailbar.com