Overlay Options

Dip Powder Full Set on Natural Nails $45, Extension $55, Extra Long $65

Introducing the newest addition to AEY Nail Bar service, Kiara Sky® Dip Powder, Revel Dip Powder, Gelish Dip Powder system. Get stronger, lightweight and natural long-lasting nails with our easy-to-use dip in powder nails and dip essentials that don’t damage the nail bed. This dip nail powder is formulated without harsh chemicals and with added vitamins and calcium to strengthen natural nails.  Dip Powder contains complex bonds that keep it from chipping, discoloring and lifting.  Dip Nail Powder is the healthier and exciting alternative in Nail Enhancements.

Hard Gel Full Set on Natural Nails $55, Extension $60, Extra Long $70

The Strongest Overlay option offers at AEY Nail Bar.   Light Elegance Gel Product is the market leader for Hard Gel.   Created by Chemist and designed by Nail Tech, this product is a great options for those who wants strong overlay on your natural nails, or with extension.  

Hard Gel Fill $39


Hard Gel Fill with Gel Polish $49

Hard Gel Fill with Buttercream Polish $55

Nail Art $5 per finger


PolyGel Full Set with Extension $55, Extra Long $65

This newest invention to replace your traditional Acrylic overlay that gives the strength of the Acrylic with beautiful looks of the Hard Gel.  It's light in weight you can't tell that you have an enhancement.   It is very safe and give a flexibility that Acrylic do not have.   This service is brand new that we are very pleased to offer to our client.   

PolyGel Full Set on Natural Nails $45

PolyGel Fill on Natural Nails $39

PolyGel Fill on Extension $45

Acrylic Soak Off $15