Custom Spray Tan $30

Our tanning solution is unique blend of organic raw material "Paraben Free" mixed with hint of "Love Spell" from Victoria Secret.   With added bonus of anti-aging property you'll find that our product will stay moisturize and sooth your sensitive skin, even safe for the pragnant woman and children.   

Please beware that our organic product may contain Walnut and any tree nut oil.

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Q: Will I turned Orange?

A: No, however, using too much at once can make you look unnatural and thats when the "O" word comes out.

Q: How long should I wait before I can shower?

A: Our product needs to be set on your skin to develop that Tan tint, the longer your let the product develop on your skin, the tanner you become.  Our recommended time is between 6-8 hours before you shower.  Rinse your Tanning area swiping bronzer off of your skin but do not sit under water for very long.  Pat your self dry and always keep your body moisturized. 

Q: What should I wear for the Spray Tan?

A: Our facility provides disposable Thong for you to wear during your appointment. Or you can wear any dark underwear. 

Q: Do I have to prep myself before my appointment?

A: You should exfoliate prior to your appointment so the Tanning solution will absorb into your skin better and lasting longer.  Please do not wear any deodorant, lotion or sun screen lotion because some of the ingredient may prevent the Tanning solution to absorb into your skin leaving uneven tanning color.

Q: How long the tanning last?

A: Since our product is natural and organic it would last anywhere between 5-10 days based upon how often your exfoliate your skin.